SUNKEN REALMS -Exploring underwater ruins around the world

sunken realms

This book, updated for 2018, takes the student on an exciting journey around the world exploring submerged ruins in lakes, seas and oceans.

Some of the highlights include:

  • methods for discovering and studying underwater ruins
  • geological and geophysical forces such as tsunamis, subsidence and plate tectonics
  • the search for Atlantis, Mu and the Great Flood
  • mythical sunken lands like Thule, Hyperborea, Ys, Lyonesse, Hy Brasil
  • Alexandria and other sites in the Mediterranean such as Baiae and Caesarea
  • strange artificial-like structures beneath the Atlantic Ocean
  • submerged landscapes of the North Sea, particularly Doggerland
  • sunken areas around the ancient lands of Beringia, Sundaland and Sahul
  • the Bimini road and other formations in the Caribbean
  • Ponape in the Pacific Ocean
  • Yonaguni and the strange formations off Japan and surrounding islands
  • submerged cities off both coasts of India
  • sunken settlements in the Black Sea, Lake Titicaca and many other lakes around the world
  • medieval settlements lost to the sea
  • Port Royal Jamaica
  • the Baltic sea object

underwater ruins


‘Sunken Realms 2018’ is currently an ebook selling for AUD $12.95, but will be published as a paperback in 2018.

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